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MAP DVD-CD Replicator Primera Automatic Printer
  • 1:11 or 1:8 DVD Replication
  • 8 or 11 Simultaneous DVD copies at up to 20x speed
  • operations can be performed without a computer
  • Blu-Ray Ready Encoder
  • 80GB Hard Drive
  • Burn and Print 25 discs at a Time
  • Expandable to 50 with the optional Kiosk Mode accessory
  • 4800 dpi printing resolution
  • Optional adapter kits allow you to use non-standard sized CD media
Glidecam 2000 PRO VariZOOM ProLite
  • For camera panning, tilting, booming or running
  • Tripod or a dolly no longer needed
  • Kit includes Body-Pod, 4"Active Matrix TFT LCD Monitor, 2000 PRO Camcorder Stabilizing System, BP-L4P Battery Pack
  • Dual-arm system for cameras 2-12lbs.
  • Provides improved shock-absorption, control, and range of motion.
  • Custom Li-Ion battery system
  • Superior arm dynamics
  • Low price
  • For DV/HDV cameras.
Premiere PRO CS3 Keyboard Premiere PRO CS3 ShuttlePRO V.2
  • Designed directly for Premiere Pro CS3
  • Colored keycaps for Premiere Pro Command including Previewing, Markers, Editing, Jump to points, Tools and Pull Down Menus.
  • Easily customize for any application.
  • Fully programmable buttons and jog/shuttle knob
  • Provides precision frame by frame control
  • Jog and shuttle for scrolling, volume control, and sequencing.
  • USB cable $99
G-Track - USB Condenser Mic Barix Annuncicom 100
  • USB condenser microphone with a built-in audio interface & mixer.
  • Simultaneous input of vocals and guitar, bass, or keyboard.
  • Ships with a desktop mic stand, swivel stand mount, USB cable and all the cables needed.
  • Transmits voice, pre-recorded announcements, alarm messages and music over the network to any specific location.
  • Two way communication is possible just like an ordinary intercom.
  • Communicate through standard network connection (10/100 Mbit/s) and supports TCP/IP-Protocol.
DLI 16-24 Channel USB Logger DLI 24-300 Channel Logger
  • Record communications from any radio, phone, or microphone.
  • USB cable to your Windows PC.
  • Scan through thousands of recordings in seconds.
  • Search by Caller-ID, number dialed, time and date, notes, etc.
  • Copy, email, save or encrypt recordings with just a mouse click
  • Ideal for E-911, Air Traffic Control & Call Center Applications.
  • Terabytes of Disk Array Storage.
  • Scan through years of recordings in seconds.
  • Search by Caller-ID, number dialed, time and date, notes, etc.
  • Copy, email, save or encrypt recordings with just a mouse click.
eNOOK Computer Station editWRAP Editng Station
  • Gas station for your gadgets and a work space for you.
  • Flip it up to store your laptop and lock it out of sight.
  • Flip it down for a handy desk.
  • The main shelf can hold 30 lbs. eNook can hold 45 lbs. total.
  • Wrap your work surface around you and bring everything up close and personal.
  • Keeps his video editing equipment within easy reach.
  • Holds up to three monitors on Flat Panel Monitor Arms.
  • Has an overall weight capacity of 250 lbs.