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InfoCaster is revolutionizing the digital signage industry by enabling new and more effective ways to communicate your message. As the most comprehensive digital signage solution available for

creating, managing and delivering stunning displays, InfoCaster meets your needs, from a simple menu board to a sophisticated national network of retail point of purchase displays. InfoCaster will captivate your audience and convey your message effectively – no matter how big or small your application or budget. . . . . [ more ]

The SignagePro digital signage solution is a unique combination of hardware and software that allows a single PC to manage and control multiple remote display devices, simultaneously and independently, from a central location. Each remote display is capable of running a variety of rich media and applications uniquely suited for that specific location.



Deliver your message to audiences around the world with SignWare, an integrated signage management solution that is powerful and easy-touse. SignWare makes signage simple at a very attractive price. The Signware digital signage solution is compact and can be installed in small spaces. Display video, images and RSS information with SignWare software. Several file types are supported including AVI, WMV, GIF and JPG. SignWare transmits high-quality 720p HD video combined with stereo audio. [ more ]

iSign A500 and A500WL is a RISC base wired of wireless digital signage box solution. Simply connect iSign A500 player with external display device such as LCD TV, plasma, CRT TV & projector, your personalized advertisements or information can be displayed to the audiences any time any place. . . . . [ more ]
IRTOUCH L-series touchscreen instantly truns LCD/PLASMA/front/rear projection monitor into interactive display. The original image quality is preserved because there is no film in front of the display. The screen can be operated with either a finger, with or without glove or a pen. Infrared technology can scale in size up to 150" in diagonal. Features like no drift, scratch proof, water proof, dust proof, sunlight operability present the IRTOUCH touch screen an ideal choice for interactive presentation, classroom whiteboard, public venue kiosks, info center directory, and many other interactive applications. . [ more ]
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Digital Signage Queuing System is widely used in retail, hospital, and banks with traditional LED displayed the waiting number. "Queuing System" replaces the LED by the digital signage. Not only the waiting number, but also the advertisement, news, and real-time information can be shown on the digital signage display. IEI also provide iSignager AdMinistrator management software to transfer the data into graphics and show the real time message on the digital signage display. [ more info ]
Location Based Digital Signage establishes the innovative marketing platform for public transportation industry. In response to the current location positioned by the GPRS, digital signage on the public transportation will display the specific information, such as the hot spot information, the latest promotion, etc. This application is ideal for tourist bus, car rental service and taxi.. [ more ]