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The D8-M3 is the ideal device for all your professional advertisement system requirements, now with even better high definition playback, featuring HDMI digital audio/video output and H.264 file support. The robust metal housing provides both protection and ventilation for internal components, and VESA mount design to securely fasten the unit to the back of most standard flat panels. With included wireless kit, real-time clock (RTC) and watchdog timer (WDT), this system can be used just about anywhere for targeted advertising with up to date content playing from its internal CF card, all maintained from a central server.

D8 - Advanced Advertising System

The D8-M3 digital media adapter is connected to your local network using a standard Ethernet or wireless connection, enabling you to access and broadcast content from any computer on your network. Combined with its ability to access a remote server over the internet, new content can be downloaded over night and stored on the local drive. Using the playlist function, this system can be used for targeted advertisement with up to date content, all maintained from a central content server.

Play Modes


File Formats
Connected to the TV or any other display with the corresponding video inputs, it can playback media files such as videos, music and photos directly from its CR card, attached USB drives or via local network. The D8-M3 supports standard video formats like MPEG-4 (AVI, XviD), high definition WMV9 or H.264 and even uncompressed high quality ISO files!

ISOOnly with the D8-M3 can you play DVDs (using the .ISO format) and watch them as if they were running from the original disc. Yes, that includes the menu, chapter selection, audio channels, subtitles and extra features just like on your standard DVD player. Instead of burning your sales or product presentation onto a DVD disc, you can prepare that multilingual product introduction as you usually would but then save it as .ISO file and store it directly on the hard disk of the D8-M3.


D8-M3 Features

  • Hardware and software watchdog timer (WDT)
  • Real time clock with battery (RTC)
  • Multiple playlist support to allow scheduled content playback
  • Bitmap based ticker (scrolling text message)
  • Scheduled content download from HTTP or FTP server
  • Upload function to get feedback via FTP (system logs and any other files)
  • Automated play modes for easy setup
  • USB auto-copy function for easy updates by staff
  • Firmware upgradeable through CF card, USB drive or network
  • Up to 1080p high definition video output
  • Digital audio/video output over HDMI
  • ISO, WMV 9 and H.264 high definition playback support
  • 802.11 b/g wireless connection with WEP 64-bit and 128-bit support (WPA available on request)
  • Samba Network Protocol support

D8-M3 Features