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Meet the next generation of professional TriCaster systems.

The new lineup of professional TriCaster systems incorporates sweeping advancements in switching, mixing, recording, playback, automation, scan conversion, still-store, CG, virtual sets, visual design, encoding power, and more—enough to replace entire production suites in a fraction of the space, and to double or triple the capabilities of any live production.

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TriCaster™ 8000

Built for performance, rigged for power, and sized with the capacity to add new shows, take on more clients, create more programming and broadcast, project or stream it live, TriCaster 855 is a complete, integrated solution to deliver big, creative productions, meet tough customer demands and stand out from the competition.

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TriCaster™ 860

An integrated solution for live production and streaming, scaled for booths, studios and vans to reach your audience anywhere. Multi-camera production, native HD, and the world’s most powerful switcher effects system make TriCaster 455 a turnkey live production solution for smaller shows making the biggest impact from any location.


NewTek 3Play Multi Channel HD SD Slow Motion Replay  
Newtek 3Play

High Definition slow motion and instant replay is no longer out of reach with NewTek 3PLAY™. Now, sports broadcasters, teams, leagues, schools and organizations have an affordable alternative for multi-channel HD/SD slow motion and instant replay. The small size and portability of 3PLAY enhance production at any venue. The ability to connect to any switcher provides the ultimate flexibility for all production environments. 3PLAY is the perfect instant replay, slow motion solution for live production . . .[more]

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